What makes us different

Founded and built with the philosophy of creating content that evokes the senses, our mission is to produce stories which make a positive difference. We have a unique ability to explore themes that can be challenging for viewers and have found ourselves tackling knife crime, honour based violence, radicalisation, far right ideologies and much more.

As we move onto the next chapter of our story, we invite you along to experience the joys of making a difference through the power of moving images. Our main focus and interest is now producing content that promotes plant based products or services, sustainable living & technology. This is what makes us proud to say we are a plant based company, inspired to create content that can shape our World for the better.

Meet the team

common wisdom


Founder and head of production, Common runs the company with the know how to bring sensitive visuals to fruition. 

Studied film producing at New York Film Academy before leaving early to pursue a film career in London. Has had 2 of his films premiered at Cannes Film Festival before they were released. Worked with the British Home office to help direct a short film which was released in schools across West Sussex.

Common writes, directs and produces our content driving the team with a more soulful approach believing in his method of utilising mental, physical and spiritual stories to help others find inspiration for wanting to make a positive change.



Kelly is a Line Producer and Head of Developments for Stone empire pictures. Having passed her Mastering Financial Accountancy with recognised accreditation and completed a City and Guilds course in property investment, she has since developed and practiced a good understanding of managing finances in the property world. 

Excellent entrepreneurial skills and a love for business start-ups, she aids numerous companies in the UK and overseas that make substantial profits, which has given her the reputation required to take on a role in the film industry. 

arn andersson


Born and raised in distant Norway, Arn is a musician, composer and digital nomad who at a young age realized his passion for music, creation and exploring. Freshly after graduating high school while doing his certificate in Music for Film and Television at Berklee Online, Arn released his first ebook and educational website named ComposingSecrets. Deciding to hit the road, he bought a one way ticket to Asia. The next years brought him traveling across over 25 countries an d 4 continents, while working as a music composer and producer for games, films and artists all over the globe.

When not working, his adventures have taken him camel trekking in Sahara, scuba diving in Asia, surfing on the coasts of Morocco, training Muay Thai in the islands of Thailand, and collaborating with amazingly talented musicians and artists from all corners of the planet.  


I am delighted to support Stone Empire Pictures as they near the completion of ‘The Forbidden Note’. Common's commitment and creativity cannot be questioned, and I am looking forward to the release of his latest work.

Henry Smith MP

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